Merauke Green Tree Python

Oil on Canvas  76cm x 102cm

Look away if you are afraid of snakes.  I first got into snakes when my son had a Corn Snake as a child and later, a Ball Python who had a nervous breakdown.   Suffice to say that treating a snake with a nervous breakdown takes time and care and I realised how beautiful they are.   I painted a number of snakes following that experience and this is a Merauke Green Tree Python that was in a pet shop in Chepstow.   It was only tiny and I had an image of what it would be like much bigger.  This is the result.


I believe that buying quality art should be simple and so I offer free courier delivery for my Originals to anywhere in the UK, excluding Ireland and the Isles of Scotland.   An Original can be treasured for many years to come and will definitely be a statement in your home.

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